Moth Trapping 2022

 Mr GBT and I both had amassed a rather magnificent backlog of 2021 photos to be edited [he had more than me] and it was with great glee that I informed him that I had done all mine and therefore won because I'd finished first. However, as we all know, pride comes before a fall.....erm "what about the 179 moth photos you've still got to do?" he shot back triumphantly. OK....I'll declare it a draw on this one occasion and yes I really have finished this time. With the help of a nifty little app called Obsidentify it's made the identification process 100% quicker and easier. If you're not a fan of moths please feel free to skip this post, but these are for my Dad as I know he likes to see them and he'll be pleased to hear that the trap has now been set up for the first time this year. He bought it for me originally.

Copper Underwing

Flame Shoulder

Flounced Rustic

Garden Grass Veneer

Large Yellow Underwing

Least Carpet

Mother of Pearl

Square Spot Rustic

White Point.

Willow Beauty



  1. Beautiful. Why is the Rustic flouncing I wonder, could it be the cream on wings and ruff collar?

    1. I am guessing that the flounce bit might be the flouncy underwing that shows through, but don't really know. Many moths were names by the Victorians. Arilx

  2. They're fantastic photos! xxx

    1. Mr GBT took them with his fancy pants camera. My job is to hold the eggbox that they've landed on still so that he can capture the images! Arilx

  3. And these all live in your garden? We clearly need to look about more.

  4. All caught in the trap over the summer months. We put the trap out once or maybe twice a week when the conditions were right. Arilx

  5. So serious, but perhaps ignorant question. Are moths insects or their own species? And I've never fully understood the difference between moths and butterfly's when there are moths that are brilliant and butterfly's that have underwhelming color. I don't expect you to answer, but your post raised that question for me.

    1. Up until last year I thought that there was a difference, but having listened to a talk by an expert there is no difference. You even get daytime moths! Arilx


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