Everything stops for tea!

 What's a gal to do when Sunday is grey, blowing a hoolie and threatening showers...nothing's really wrong, but by the same token it's all feeling a bit meh.....you meet your friend J, walk from your house into the town and put the world to rights in a fabulous independent cafe. Some time later you both emerge, by which time it's raining properly, but you know you've both got hoods and you've found a lightness of spirit again. Suddenly nothing feels quite so bad as it did  when you arrived and your sense of humour has returned. Nothing has changed, but everything has changed☁🌦🌥⛅ Tea, cake and laughter was definitely the right tonic!

Whilst I am not normally in the habit of photographing eateries the cakes here were so stunning to look at I made an exception!



  1. I need time with a friend. I need cake. Those two things.


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