Friday 18 March 2022

Amusing myself on a Monday afternoon.

 We have a new temporary [I suspect] charity shop that has opened up in a huge empty retail outlet. The rumour on the street is that Aldi will be going in there soon, so I think they're filling it to the gunwhales with anything they might be able to sell in a limited time frame. Round here all the chazzas are heavily curated by the volunteers with only the best quality goods making it to the shop floors. It's absolutely necessary I understand, but I did rather enjoy the rummagey jumble sale feel to this one. Occasionally things I spot just make me for a quick spot of silliness these were the finds which amused me.

In my younger days I was always brilliant at wearing high heels....that was so long as I could stay on the spot and not move an inch... it was the walking in them that was always the problem. As I looked at these particular pair of shoes I thought to myself that I'd look more like a pantomime dame if I was to don anything of this ilk nowadays. They are great fun and I hope that whoever buys them really enjoys them. They'll certainly have themselves a bargain as they are designer shoes by Kandee and originally sold for £160.

In amongst all this I did do the decent thing and bought something. They are raising much needed funds for refugees.

Have a great weekend...we shall be away working so no rest for the wicked.



  1. I used to think nothing of wearing 6" heels on a night out, now my hip hurts just looking at them. I think heels must be well and truly out of fashion, our chazzas are full of them! xxx

    1. Most of the women round here are in flats these days. I only have to look at VB's bunions and remember why I don't wear heels! Arilx

  2. Wow those shoes! I look back at photos of myself younger and in high heels and am astounded that I walked in them and I don't even remember them being difficult to walk in. These days I can wobble in 'flatties.'

    1. I wore them as a teenager too...I wonder how I managed! Arilx


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