Wednesday 23 March 2022

At a loose end

 Good old Covid still has a nasty habit of sneaking up on you and scotching your plans. That's exactly the situation Mr GBT and I found ourselves in last week...his friend and my client had both succumbed which left us with an unexpectedly free afternoon. No doubt we could have found dull jobs to be getting on with, but the temptation of the sunshine and the justification that we could run a few needed errands in Horsham whilst on our way to our favoured destination was all it took for us to make our minds up.

We are most fortunate here to have a former farm and its land within an half an hour walk of home. It's owned by the council and maintained by a brilliant group of volunteers. Nowadays Chesworth Farm is a wildlife haven popular with local families and dog walkers not far out from the town centre. It's not very big, but a lovely little oasis to step away from the spinning plates of our everyday lives for a gentle hour or so. I just captured a handful of shots to give a flavour of it. The colours on the parish church door need no explanation.



  1. So many modern memorials seem to have "Always look on the bright side of life" on them, I counted three on Saturday alone. Still, it's a lovely sentiment, isn't it?
    I love that grain store (?) with the green paintwork and of course, the blue and yellow for Ukraine. xxx
    PS Hope your pals get better soon!

  2. First good thing I've heard come out of covid! x


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