Wednesday 2 March 2022

Ash Wednesday

 [Image from Pixabay]

Near to here is a very small village called Cowfold. In earlier times you had to take a piece of ash into school on Ash Wednesday. It was deemed necessary for everyone to dip the white end of their broken branch into black ink to stop the devil from getting in and out. Religious practice and folkloric superstition were run alongside each other for many generations. By keeping a foot in each camp it meant you had hopefully covered all bases.



  1. Here in Greece religious practise and folkloric superstition still march hand in hand - daily.

  2. There is a UK FB group called Hidden Folklore found in churches...don't think you need to scratch too far below the surface to see the connection even in this day and age. Arilx

  3. That's an interesting duality! I'd not heard of it before. I wonder if my Mum has!


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