Monday 21 March 2022

Alban Eiler 2022

It's such a lovely feeling to have made it to the official first day of Spring and it's reflected in the glorious weather we're enjoying here in Sussex. Although I've spent the whole weekend holed up working [successful show though] we were treated to a beautiful sunrise on Saturday morning as we made our way up the motorway...there has to be some positives to leaving the house at 5am🌞

 Being naturally quite a busy bee I'm not used to sitting down for extended periods. However, this time I spent several hours doing the handsewing on the the latest Mythago kit I'm working on so it felt like I'd used the time well. Over the last couple of weeks I've cooked up and painted a design on the new Earth Mother mask [another dancer had already kindly put the base colours on , but she'd run out of time]. Normally I avoid this type of thing like the plague as my brain freezes. This time though I gave myself a good pep talk and just took my time. The face is now finished and although it's simple it needs to be able to be seen at speed and from a distance so I'm happy for once with what I've done. I've included the tree of life and lots of spirals as symbols of the Goddess. It still needs to have the fabric strips sewn on as the "hair" and the tatter front to be done, but now I've got going it shouldn't take too long to finish off. 



  1. That's a fabulous thing! x

  2. You have excelled yourself with that mask - looks really good, looking forward to seeing it with added 'hair' and tattery front :)


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