Monday 28 March 2022

Sunshine Saturday

 With a massive pile of ironing to do I decided to go out and enjoy the sunshine turned out to be a bit of minion themed walk this time. As I've often said you never know what's out there waiting for you😍

Froths of blackthorn blossom. I expect to start seeing the Hawthorn out too in the next few weeks.

These poppies I pass on a near daily basis when I'm driving to work. They're attached to the local school's fence and I'd thought that they'd made them from plastic bottles. Close up they're actually wire and are really effective.

With the crocuses coming to an end I wanted to capture some photos of the daffs before they too go over. I took the chance to sit for a minute and enjoy them when I heard a strange quacking noise coming from a roof of a nearby house. It rather foxed me because all I could see was a trio of crows and all I've heard them do is caw in that not very attractive cronky way they do. One of the adults had a piece of bread and it's the sound the youngsters make when begging for food apparently.

Whenever I see anything like this I wonder if TM still loves SP and what their story was?

Stumbling across personal artwork in unexpected places is always such a pleasure. This house had painted boards either side of the front door.

And minions....I did promise minions. One jazzing up a meter cupboard and the other reusing old tyres to make a planter.

The ironing did get done upon my return and I'm pleased to say using free leccy from the solar panels😀 That will be it for blog posts for a couple of days as we're off to enjoy the Christmas present from my parents. See you all soon.



  1. Aril, please don't be offended,...but do you have to wear special glasses to see all the unusual things around you...and if so could I get some?! From what the weather people are forecasting we could be in for a Blackthorn Wnter. x

  2. That planter is really neat. Fabulous find.

  3. On a nearby motorway underpass was emblazoned 'Colin 4 eva', which we first noticed about 1994 - 95, we went to Africa in 96 and back 2000. It is still there but has gone through several versions.
    'Colin 4 eva NEVA' being the most recent. This dramatic turn of fate happened about ten years ago and is still updated occasionally with black paint. You can still see faint images of the earlier editions - does make you wonder at the dedication and need to keep this bit of graffiti going...

  4. Free electric! I'm jealous! Have a fantastic adventure. Loved all your pictures! xxx


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