Monday 17 June 2013

Merrie Monday

Let's be honest dear Monday doesn't have the best reputation of the weekdays does it- start of the working week, traditionally wash day and even The Boomtown Rats wrote a song about it!

Always one to see the world in a topsy turvy way I'm here to champion Mondays with a dose of good cheer to set me up for whatever the week ahead has in store.

A discussion with the small person over the weekend brought this new-to-me ditty to my attention. Used on the soundtrack of Ice Age I hope it puts a little bit of bounce in your Monday. Rarely do I do the proud Mummsy bit in public but today this is for my son because yesterday, he and his best mate, did the London to Brighton cycle ride raising funds for the very deserving British Heart Foundation.



  1. A well deserved 'VERY well done A'! Hope he is justly proud of his accomplisment :)

  2. Thanks Kadeeae- we are delighted for him. He's pretty chuffed too.


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