Wednesday 26 June 2013

The Human Nature Garden

We are very lucky in our home town to have a quiet area set aside in the main park which aims to provide both an educational and contemplative experience. Opened in 2011, it continues to evolve and give many people the greatest pleasure.

The Human Nature Garden benefits from clever planting- in it you will find borders of goji berries, woad, liquorice, pomegranate, borage and rhubarb to name but a few with information boards along side detailing how the plants can be used medicinally, cosmetically and for natural dyeing.

As a small sanctuary set just away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre I love the quirkiness of it and the attention to detail. Below are shots of the entrance gates

Although these have been removed temporarily for repairs, even the wooden ones which stand in their place for now have a charming surprise panel for the eagle eyed visitor

This is the sight that greets you when you first go in- a massive wooden pestle and mortar
And the view ahead of you
There have been wooden sheep from its opening but the shepherd and his dog have joined the flock this year
It is a place available for all to enjoy and I was most overthrilled to discover [as usual sticky beaking at every poster I passed whilst out on Shank's Pony earlier] that there is to be series of free concerts held there next month. One should like to totter along to one of these.....



  1. Wow! I didn't even know this existed :)

  2. As ever I am a veritable mine of useless information Sam!

  3. it sounds wonderful, very wondrous!

    leanne x

  4. It really is a lovely spot- we have one or two very well thought out planted spaces in town. Maybe I will blog about those another time!

  5. What an absolutely wondrous little place - how lucky you are to have that on your doorstep! x

  6. Thanks for your comment Kim- I think we almost need to have a list of treasures on our doorstep that others in blogland can refer to if visiting your locality!



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