Wednesday 19 June 2013


Ever had the strange experience when you cross the threshold of a charity shop with a quite specific aim in mind and somehow carelessly emerge a few minutes later with a completely random treasure that up until that very moment you hadn't realised there was a space in your life for. I find it a common occurrence in my little world- today I was most definitely looking for fabric with which to make a new bathroom blind and yet I emerged with this little lovely
Well I think it would have been just plain rude to leave it behind especially at the bargainous price of £7.50. Dear Mr GBT simply mildly enquired as to where we were going to put this latest quilt [erm yes there might be the odd one or two more lurking!] with his eyebrows firmly raised. How convenient that our bedroom is already decorated in a folkart style!

Then the icing on the bun for me as I tottered back home- I espied these in the window of a local art shop.
These fabulous vases immediately appealed to my inner Beryl Cook. Sadly they are beyond my pocket [I can hear the distraught gnat bottomed purse sighing with relief after the stress caused by my little spree earlier] but maybe one day.....they are by an artist called Jean Holder and her website is here


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