Pull up a chair dear chums!

Good evening dear chums and most jolly to make your acquaintance! How extraordinary to find that confirmed Luddite, as I am, I have decided to try out this new and mysterious world of blogging.No one is more suprised than me! Anyhow remembering in the words of William of Wykeham "manners maketh man" I think a short introduction to the cast of characters who reside here at Gnat Bottomed Towers is needed.

Naturally I shall begin at the top with the furry member of the cast whom we all serve- Twitten aka Psychocat. Twitten is a Sussex word meaning a cut through or alley way and is most apt for this pint sized rapscallion. She is a rescue cat erm with attitude! As the founder member of the naughty tortie club be warned that she is likely to hijack the blog from time to time with missives. I include a picture of her firstly looking happy and secondly looking grumpy!There is little difference you will note!

Mr Gnat Bottomed Towers [henceforth to be known as Mr GBT] is a dear soul who takes all my mad ideas in his stride! He is the chief home brewer and the proud owner of his very own shed which is full of Important Bits of Wood!! I can only think it must be the equivalent of having a stash of buttons and ribbons, which as any crafter or crafter groupie [I am most definitely in the latter category] worth their salt knows is never complete!

Finally, there is The Small Person who is actually taller than both of his parents. He is a busy chap with lots of interests and seems not to have read the good guide to being an effective teenager. He's far too busy being sunny and carrying out a one man mission to empty my kitchen cupboards quicker than I can fill them!!

Enough of my wittering for my first instalment methinks.


  1. welcome to blogland Aril! I am a seasoned blogger these days, in my 8th year, almost 6 of those on my current blog! its amazing as time just fliews by as you witter on.... ( grins!)

    leanne x

  2. Thanks for the welcome Leanne- cup of tea was it and a bun to go with it perchance?! I am looking forward to my new little venture.


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