Thursday 20 June 2013

Elderflowery Fun.

Huzzah at long last the elder has slowly begun to unfurl its delicate sprays of white frothy flowers and so I have been out in my long flowing gown, wicker basket on my arm....erm make that hippy patchwork trousers and a plastic bag!! Anyway I digress.....having been on a successful foray last night Operation Elderflower is now in full swing.

We have split our harvest and Mr GBT has his earmarked for two gallons of wine to add to the Hobbity Booze Cellar. Due to current time constraints they have been frozen for now and having done this for the last two years, I can confirm, that the flowers come to no harm when they are used later.

 I, meanwhile, have a batch of cordial brewing- this year I am tweaking a couple of recipes to try and get a combination that's right for my personal taste so I have added a couple of oranges in addition to lemons. In the spirit of waste not want not and my naturally gnat bottomed outlook the orange slices can be eaten afterwards and I suspect the same goes for the lemon as it's all been soaking in a sugar syrup. Double duty now that's what I like to hear! The remainder of the blooms are being dried for elderflower vinegar. For this you need to fill a jar with the dried blooms and then cover them completely with cider vinegar. Store in a warm, dark place for three weeks before straining. Good for use in salads.



  1. What a fabulous blog! Love the blog name and the Hobbity Booze Cellar really made me smile. I'm stil hopeful of collecting elderflowers this year - they're a little late around here this year :)

  2. Thank you so much Kim. It's a very new venture for me but am having great fun with it. The elderflowers are still very much coming into bloom round here aswell!


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