Saturday 22 June 2013


Today Psychocat nearly cracked a smile or alternatively it may just have been a yawn she forgot to complete. I believe that the cause of her amusement has been this sent to her by one of  the subscribers to her Naughty Tortie mewsletter.

Her advice to her readers is simple regarding canine adversaries-  for guaranteed success you should follow her fine example by hiding up the side of the car on the drive to allow for a successful ambush. The target may simply have the audacity to walk past on the path on its lead, but that is sufficient, apparently, to cause her great offence so she hares after them hissing and spitting. She is pint sized with a gammy leg and a saggy tummy [affectionately known at GBT as her shopping bag] which swings between her knees as she canters along. I jest not!!!

She is now campaigning for one of these signs to adorn the outside of our humble abode. I am, for now, holding out.....



  1. Thanks for the comment Kadeeae. People think I exaggerate about the little minx until they meet her! She's erm quite a force.


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