Tuesday 25 June 2013

A tail of furry woe!

Alas and alack a little black cloud hangs over our humble abode once again.......

Being cruel and wicked parents, when the small person announced he would like to purchase a laptop a few months ago, we decided this would be the ideal opportunity to teach him a lesson in the art of saving. Yes, he has the money in his savings and could have gone down the instant gratification route, but we negotiated a deal with him that we would give him a reasonable sum for his recent birthday and match his monthly savings from his pocket money [he receives sums from us and his grandparents]. This arrangement has been running smoothly for a few months now and he has stuck to his side of the bargain. We decided that we would, as a surprise, sub him the remainder if he agreed to reduce his allowance...hence one new laptop to the spec he wanted and with £150 off arrived yesterday. One happy teenager and one miserable feline.....

The rapscallion understands the word "lap" and once she heard the magic word, she cantered enthusiastically down the stairs at high speed, shopping bag swinging between her knees in a bid to get on top of this new lap as fast as possible. Full marks for persistence and determination as she engaged in one of her favourite pursuits Annoy the Boy- she tried launching herself at it from every angle whilst an increasingly ratty boy shooed her away. After several valiant attempts she retired gloomily to rest her bruised ego and  lick her wounds. I think she is likely to emerge from her sulk sometime around noon tomorrow!



  1. Hope she's recovered now, lol

  2. The little tyke is still to be found grumping on the doormat in the sunshine. One most definitely does not approve on any level!



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