Thursday 20 March 2014

Corners Of My Home

Well allow for a wee bit of artistic license....a corner cupboard in my home made for me by Mr GBT which actually sits in the corner of the twist and turn staircase to be precise and jolly pedantic!

Originally this was intended as a place for me to display my personal little treasures knowing that they were out of the small person's reach. There's nothing in here of any great monetary value. I am not, by nature, a hoarder and so many things that others might keep have long since left the building. However, many of these hold fond memories for me.

The top shelf

If you squint carefully there is a small primary coloured clay elephant. This was made by the small person in honour of his favourite elephant Lump-pee-lump who he's had since he was 3 months old and who has seen him through every childhood trauma and accompanied him on every childhood adventure. He still lives with us but is discreetly tucked away these days. Here he is in all his glory grooving alongside the small person.
The painted eggs come from Romania and on the shelf below you can see my Mum's old dressing table set.

The third shelf has a Victorian fan and a couple of Victorian cards all picked up from charity shops a very long time ago. If you click on the egg behind the shells [it's an ostrich egg] you will see it's full of teeny teddies. My Mum's friend made it as a present for me one year.

The final shelf

The floral frisbee as it's affectionately known [beneath the plate] is the one I wore when I got married as I didn't want a veil of any description. The flowers were from the same fabric as my dress and there were also small turquoise silk stripy and plain ones which were from my bridesmaids' skirts and matching jackets. You might just about be able to make out a silver spoon and a couple of embroidered boxes- these were all from my 21st birthday a couple of centuries ago or so.

Thank you for joining me on my little tour.


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