Saturday 22 March 2014

Turning Blue

These days, post redundancy from a big girl's full time job, I am now a self employed house sparkling elf. Usually it is stress free and I really, really enjoy it [I am partial to cleaning]. My theory is that manufacturers are by and large conning you into believing that kitchen and bathroom cleaners do something radically different from each other- I would like to point out that this is my opinion only and not scientifically proven....

Yesterday I was at my regular Friday afternoon joblet. It's been a standing joke that it has rained for months every time I've been there but yesterday it was, for once, sunny. This couple had a new bathroom fitted in the Autumn and so I have spruced it up many times. Yesterday there was no bleach so I decided in my wisdom to use the new bottle of Cillit Bang kitchen cleaner in the bathroom [I checked the back and it said don't use on wood- fine I thought] rather than the all purpose one because it had lime remover in it. Having duly finished the bath I then noticed to my horror that the corners now had a faint but distinctly blue tinge to them. Always an oasis of calm [never!!] I then started running around like a headless didn't matter what I did, light on light off, looking at it from every which way the blue remained. Usually the owner is not there- yesterday he was so all this is going on with me frantically trying not to draw attention to myself. In the end I screwed up my courage and called him over- "does you bath look blue to you?" I asked [everything shaking by now]..."yes" he says "I know it's blue in the corners. It's faulty which is why we got it knocked down" this point I then have to admit the thankfully wrong conclusion I have drawn. He guffaws loudly and calls me "a silly cow!" I should point out he's a lovely chap...all I can is thank god for Rescue Remedy and nil points for my powers of observation!!


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