Saturday 8 March 2014

Monthly Review

Already a week into March- where does the time go? Aargh!

February saw me make my first ever suet pudding and huzzah it worked. I used vegetarian suet and our homemade raspberry jam and am pleased to report that cooking it in the slow cooker was a success. First new pud of 2014 done. This month will see a new veggie main course.

A kind morris dancing chum has lent me "The Druids" by Ronald Hutton- am two chapters in and am enjoying it so far.

I dug out my CBT course notes tonight as I've observed one or two old destructive habits beginning to creep in again. I shall remind myself of the principles and then reincorporate them into my thinking patterns. As long as I am aware of what is happening and make the necessary changes I should stay on the straight and narrow and manage my illness correctly.

Pleased so far.


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