Friday 7 March 2014

Friday Funding Fun

Fun for me often comes under the umbrella of having a go at making something new with a chum- if it all goes Pete Tong then at least you can have a laugh about it! This week I had my first stab at making incense with my chum J. It does me good to break out once in a while, so rather than fettering myself to a specific recipe I just took the lids off lots of jars and whiffled a lot until my snout found scents it liked. It's splendid sitting there with all the different aromas mingling as you crush them. J has also provided some frugal tips for me to share this week.

Resin forms the basis of this type of incense- she collects hers from the pine trees in the woods. You can incorporate all manner of dried leaves and flowers- she has lavender and rose petals but gorse is another good one. I already have lavender and elderflower and could easily do rosemary, lemon balm, bay etc etc. We're both fans of the Nag Champa incense sticks but she's cleverly kept the loose powder that gathers in the bottom of the packet so we were able to add some of that too. You leave it a month for the scents to blend properly. I rather unimaginatively called mine "Pancake Incense"....well it was Shrove Tuesday!


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