Monday 3 March 2014

For Those With A Mary Whitehouse Disposition Please Look Away Now!

I have no wish to offend ......if you do not take offence please do read on.....

There I was sitting in a local hostelry this Saturday just past nursing a small sweet sherry when the phrase "tight as a boiled owl" was mentioned. This I was to discover was a Victorian term meaning intoxicated and of course, knowing my afore mentioned addiction to historical terms and words, has led me to carry out some further extensive research [you know about 10 minutes on google in all]. You may blame my Morris Dancing chums for some of these examples of Victorian sauciness. I shall be returning to my normal Margot Leadbetter type postlets post haste I can assure you!

Lady's Chesticles: 
Cupid's kettledrums, Manuals of Love's Devotion, bubbies [a lady supporting an ample bow window frontage was called a bushel bubby]

Lady's Front Bottom:
Crinkum-crankum, old hat [because often felt], cloven inlet

Blind Cupid, fleshy orbs

Gentleman's Pintle:
Plugtail [there are many more as you might imagine!]

Gentleman's Clock Weights
Tallywags, whirlygigs, trinkets, twiddle-diddles. gingabobs

Lady of Questionable Morals:
dirty puzzle, bobtail

Gentleman of Questionable Morals:
loose in the haft

Bumping Uglies:
joining giblets, giving a green gown [making her dress grassy]

And if you were unlucky to catch an STD:
Venus's Curse, Flap Dragon.



  1. OMG they're hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am glad they made you titter!



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