Tuesday 18 March 2014


I have the greatest admiration for those individuals who can meditate. The notion of meditating regularly often crops up on my pagan path but, despite several attempts, I can't do it. I have a brain like a grasshopper that jumps from one thing to another and the minute I attempt to quieten it and sit still it goes into overdrive. I spent a long time trying and then getting frustrated so I've abandoned it for good. It's not a problem though because I realise that the chattering monkey on my shoulder rushes off to annoy someone else the minute I become absorbed in what I am doing- it happens when I'm carrying out my paid house sparkling duties, reading a book and all the time when I am walking. I enjoy experiencing different modes of transport but travelling on Shank's pony is by far and away my favourite. It gives me time to clear my mind and just enjoy noticing what's going on around me. Such moments are treasures and this was one of them spotted near where I live last week. I am as always easily pleased by the simple beauty of the everyday that I see around me.

Capillary Thread Moss


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