Sunday 9 March 2014

Mellow Yellow

To me natural Spring goes through a series of colour phases- it starts out predominantly with the delicate whites of the Snowdrops before moving onto the varied yellows which we're in now before ending up in its subtle pink, white and blue stage with all the blossom, Violets, Bluebells, Ramsons, Cuckoo Flowers and Stitchwort before it heralds in the full on colour explosion that is Summer! I love each stage and tracking how it changes every few weeks as a new phase is ushered in. That's one of the joys of blogging- I have become far more aware of the seasonal changes now that I have a personal space to record it all :-) It quite simply makes me happy.

Mr GBT and I took a stroll yesterday over to our local nature reserve [more about that in a follow up post] but these are some of the stunning sights that greeted us en route.

Daddodils as my friend's small person used to call them!

And the dandy of them all!


Lesser Celandine. Known by the Celts as Grian [sun] because its petals close up before rain. Has other names such as Pilewort, Foalfoot, Spring Messenger and Golden Guinea.

And finally Marsh Marigold which is one of the first wetland plants to flower. It is one of the most ancient British plants and is otherwise called King's Cup, May-Blobs, Water Cowslip and Water-Bubbles.


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