Tuesday 11 March 2014

Feathered and Furry Friends

Our local nature reserve is set within the site of an old mill and mill pond. Having not been fished for 25 years there are always plenty of different birds to see. We caught a glimpse of a cormorant and several herons who were diligently nest building.

There are 3 hides in total- two at the water's edge and one in the middle of the woods which attracts lots of birds that I can identify. This one is probably my favourite- the birds are used to being viewed so are not that shy.

Mr and Mrs Chaffinch


Long Tailed Tit

Hen Pheasant- I hadn't appreciated just how exquisite their plumage is!

Ooh and most exciting of all for me- my first ever Red Poll

Naturally Captain Quality Management Control dropped in for a surprise visit. He was exceedingly diligent I must say!

And finally this lot- they are a small flock of Hebridian sheep that are kept on site during the winter to graze the wildflower meadow. They will soon be moved to another spot elsewhere in the town once the ground nesting birds start breeding.


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  1. What a lovely place that is! Thanks for sharing your birdie pics - quite a few different species there!


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