Friday 21 March 2014

Friday Funding Fun

Old holey tea towels normally resplendent with cutsey animals, the ones you bought because your little darling drew a self portrait and the PTA pricked your conscience [I've got my very own pile of these!], drawings of places you've never heard of...I could go on. Well actually I think they are all rather marvellous and are to be treasured.....mine have made the most fantastic liners in my kitchen drawers and in the shelf where the milk bottles go and vegetables are stored. Beats manky sopping newspaper any day and they can easily be shaken out and washed to reuse. Cleverer people than me make some pretty stunning tablecloths, napkins, cushion covers from their old tea towels but mine are not worthy and I suspect I would be guilty of crimes against fashion if I ever allowed them to be see in public again!!


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