Friday 12 September 2014

Decluttering The Invisible.

Confession time.....deep goes...I am a time wasting addict. If you ever meet me I shall give you a thousand reasons as to why such and such hasn't been done. Usually the main one I trot out is "I don't have enough time". I'd be lying if I was to give the impression that I never do anything- I often try my hand at making new things, read a fair amount etc etc. I am a busy bee [anxiety does have its pluses] but I am equally adept at wasting my free time twonking about. On Saturday I just observed what I do do sometimes- it transpires that quite a lot of time was being taken up answering quizzes and quipping on others posts on the book of the face. Harmless fun in itself except I hadn't really given any thought to just how much time I was spending on these displacement activities. What should I do about this I pondered?

On Saturday evening I began by investigating my massive list of bookmarked sites I'd acquired. I managed to slash the number down to a more manageable number fairly swiftly. Firstly, I transferred some of the recipes I'd tried and enjoyed to my notebook and then I scribbled down some of the frugal tips from various articles into an appropriate folder [I have lots of notebooks!]. There were a lot of blogs saved there too- many I'd saved on a whim but looking at them I realised that they weren't really to my taste so I culled many and subscribed to other favourites so I get an email update. Next on my hit list were various companies that now email me after previous purchases- I unsubscribed and then daringly suspended my book of the face account. I can reactivate it at any time [I need to contact people occasionally in my capacity as Mythago's secretary] but I haven't been back since. There's definitely a lightness of spirit following this....mind you I'm having to be extra vigilant with my bookmarking as I've already been at it again. This time though I am making sure I'm looking at things quickly and then getting shot of them as soon as possible.

Having done this for myself it was ironic that this blog post should come into my in box this week on the very same topic. Potential saving of electricity and more available wonga for buns is always going to get my attention isn't it!

Now what am I to do with extra time I have gained- so far I have fallen asleep whilst reading a couple of times this week. Maybe I should look to this poster for inspiration!


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  1. Sooo with you on this, although FB will remain as I've a couple of groups that use it as a type of forum. That said I do tend to wander a bit, lol, but have kept it in check fairly well. Also I now only belong to a small number of forums where once there were many.

    I have a specific email address that I send things (rather than bookmarking), usually just urls and then every Thursday or Friday I go through them - amazingly many are trashed right away, lol. I too whittled down my 'blog list' and spent quite a bit of time either unsubscribing - made to subscribe for various reasons :( - or sending to the junk mail folder, 'teaching' it what belonged there. Got there in the end though and am, in fact, having (what I call) an Essence weekend this weekend, which simply means no internet whatsoever. Have to say, it does feel good! :)



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