Monday 15 September 2014

One To Warm The Cockles Of The Heart.

Following our loss of Psychocat a few weeks ago I am now ready for a new furry feline owner. After an initial enquiry a few weeks ago via the Book of the Face someone kindly recommended a locally run animal rescue place which I had no idea even existed. I've been in touch and passed the home check so everything is now in place for us to go ahead and offer a forever home to a suitable mog.

Today we popped over to view the cats available for rehoming but it wasn't to be today. The owner had an adorable little female with her equally adorable kitten but the Mum was still incredibly young and quite rightly she didn't want them to be separated at this stage in the game. Much as I would have loved to have scooped them up and brought them back with me I've thought about it carefully and I can really only take one and my preference is for an adult of 2+. No matter though she has some more coming in later this week and it sounds quite promising. Those two were cute as a button and someone will take them very quickly I'm sure. They were very friendly and adorable.

On a bad day I suppose I might have viewed this as a wasted trip but was it? No absolutely not for I was privileged to witness the rehoming of two six month old heinz 57 puppies that have been brought over from a tough street life in Greece and are bonded. The couple who are taking them lost their 14 year old staffie recently and they had had him since he was seven weeks old. He had left a huge hole in their lives and just for a few minutes I was able to share in their joy as I stroked and cuddled their new companions.

I am sure it will be my turn very soon. I shall, of course, keep you posted! In the mean time, whilst I am still missing Twitten hugely, I am cuddling any cat that I come into contact with as the evidence shows!


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