Saturday 27 September 2014

The Teenager And The Shower Condundrum.

Can anyone explain this one to me please?

How is it when my son was genuinely a small boy hot water and he didn't mix. Trying to get him to not be a soap dodger and then when he had reluctantly succumbed keeping him clean was an art form in itself.
Nowadays I can't keep him out of the bleeding shower...if he had his way he'd have three long [and I mean reservoir draining type length] showers. Let me stress that I have absolutely no objection to him maintaining high standards of cleanliness. However, I am not convinced that a shower just before you run is necessary [having already had one in the morning] ...afterwards obviously yes. Recently I have had to Have A Word about water meters, saving electricity and certain costs involved as I am getting bored of competing with his music in the bathroom whilst banging on the door and yelling. This week he has come up with his own teenage inspired solution...he now showers to a couple of tracks on his phone that he knows the length of...hey presto shorter showers and a non nagging Mother!




  1. How brilliant Aril! Good job he's not into classical music though ;o)
    Sending hugs
    Rose xx

  2. Ah I dream of the days when Louis voluntarily has a shower! x



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