Friday 5 September 2014

Using Up Lemons.

I have been doing mysterious things with lemon and lime peel of late which left me with several peeled fruit. I am exceptionally good at tucking them in the fridge and rediscovering them resplendent with furry coats. Long past being used they are composted but not this time for I Got My Act Together. Our food wastage is already low but there's always more I can do.Today I've made some lemon jam using this recipe- it's sweet but tart and looks promising.

If anyone  is stuck for ideas for leftover lemon peel there are some ideas here

Even the lemon pips can be dried and reused if you are so inclined.

Over and out!



  1. To add to the Care2 link, they also making cleaning a microwave easier and smell nice too :) Just add peels to a bowl of water, heat up to steamy (oh so technical!) and leave for 20 mins. or so. Wipes out like a dream, even nasty tomatoey sauce splatters.

    Think that my Gran did something similar with her oven come to think of it.....



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