Saturday 6 September 2014

You Are Unique....

You are unique, irreplaceable.
Did you know that? Why aren't you glad, astonished about yourself and about everyone else you know?

In searching for the deepest reason for human happiness....I always found, deep down, a sense of security, a great simplicity and a spontaneous joy in little things.

How is it that some people sit in the sun looking like sour apples- and that others whistle in the rain?

Don't weigh out your love like a grocer. Don't measure out in advance how much you will give, how far you will go in love.

Do you ever get the feeling that children are puzzled about the dull narrow-mindedness of grown-ups? When grown-ups are together they talk in code. When they meet somebody they ask about his job, his possessions, his connections and his education....But if you tell children about a friend they ask"Does he collect butterflies? Can he whistle? Can we go swimming?

Phil Bosmans

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