Saturday 6 December 2014

A Frugal Gluten Free Tip.

Dear chum who I housesparkled for yesterday was diagnosed as gluten intolerant last year. On top of being a vegetarian and needing to follow a low fat diet it has presented a few problems as you might imagine. She's a brilliant cook and loves to entertain so food is a big part of her life.

We were talking around it yesterday once I'd finished over a cuppa. I'd taken over half of an enormous pumpkin [we both abhor waste and swap all sorts!] that another chum had grown on her lottie that I'd been keeping in the garage since Halloween. I'd made soup from my half and she mentioned that she had a lovely recipe for a pumpkin cake that she's made in previous years.

Knowing that she now bakes both ordinary and gluten free cakes I was curious to know what flour she uses for her ones. Various types it turns out but one of them is rice flour. She has found the cheapest place to get it by far is the Asian cash and carry in the next town which I introduced her to a couple of years ago. It's well worth the fuel as she tops up on all her beans and pulses and other regular items she uses. I appreciate not everyone has access to such places but thought it worth a mention. Pray what use is a money saving tip if it's not shared...keeps those frugal wheels turning I'd say.


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