Sunday 14 December 2014

Tales of Albion.

This is a project currently being made by the independent film makers Gary and Joy Andrews who were the team behind the well received cult hit "The Spirit of Albion". It is a film which will appeal to many in the pagan community or with an interest in the Old Religion.

The new movie is based around British myths and legends and will be made up of eight tales which are connected to each of the festivals of the turning year. Reading the notes these stories specifically are The Washer by the Ford, The Noon of the  Solstice, The Cattle of the Cailleach, Curses and Secrets, Spirit of the Greenwood, Dreaming the Dream, The Golden Rider and The Birth of the Shining Brow. I was privileged to see the beautiful leather Oak King mask that they used in it at the weekend when we danced alongside Rabble Morris/Theatre group who run the annual tree dressing at the Weald and Downland Museum. Gail Duff from their side is involved along with Greg Daven of Pentacle Drummers. Inspiration for some of the pieces has been drawn from the songs by Damh The Bard.

I am enthralled by it all and hope to purchase the DVD when it comes out in Spring 2015. For anyone wanting further details info from here


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