Monday 15 December 2014

Minor Frugal Doings

A few small savings made by me of late.

This one is so blindingly obvious but I've never thought to do it! When using a lemon or lime for its juice in a recipe why not just grate in the zest as well...waste not want not and all that jazz. I did that when I made this satay chicken [I used the cheaper option of turkey] recipe the other night!

Rather than rinsing your floor mop under the tap if like moi you're on a water meter-  I pegged mine out on the whirligig in the garden when it was raining. I do regularly wash my mop head in the washing machine anyway to prolong its life [it's the Vileda equivalent of the old string ones]

Finally, finally I have got around to downloading the free Kindle reader bar...not surprisingly it was the lure of a free title about free living that made me get my ample rump into gear. I expect the whole world bar me has already done this but in the vague chance that perhaps this is news to anyone here's the link!


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  1. Just catching up on posts I'd missed - why had I never thought of the mop idea


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