Minor Frugal Doings

A few small savings made by me of late.

This one is so blindingly obvious but I've never thought to do it! When using a lemon or lime for its juice in a recipe why not just grate in the zest as well...waste not want not and all that jazz. I did that when I made this satay chicken [I used the cheaper option of turkey] recipe the other night!

Rather than rinsing your floor mop under the tap if like moi you're on a water meter-  I pegged mine out on the whirligig in the garden when it was raining. I do regularly wash my mop head in the washing machine anyway to prolong its life [it's the Vileda equivalent of the old string ones]

Finally, finally I have got around to downloading the free Kindle reader bar...not surprisingly it was the lure of a free title about free living that made me get my ample rump into gear. I expect the whole world bar me has already done this but in the vague chance that perhaps this is news to anyone here's the link!




  1. Just catching up on posts I'd missed - why had I never thought of the mop idea


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