Monday 1 December 2014

Chocolate Marshmallows

Rarely does a week go past when I don't swap goodies with chums...sometimes it's me giving others things other weeks vice versa and more often than not it's a two way street. It's exciting because you never know what might cross the threshold! A few weeks back dear chum S gave me several back copies of the Waitrose magazine- I looked through them and found several recipes that caught my eye. Having ended up with a small pile of ripped out pages I am now gradually working my way through them...any that match up to their promise and meet my strict criteria for recipes see here will be written into my notebook I keep [I don't embrace scraps of's that tidy gene again. This is how this particular keeper came to be in my possession.

Dear chum J texted me a few weeks back asking when we could get together and make something "weird". I should explain that she and I have tried many craft and culinary based experiments over the years [it's a good 'un if you've got small kidlets to spend your evening doing something fun and productive to give you a breather...ours are all now towering above us and earning their own wonga these days]. It took me about a nanosecond to remember this and suggest it!

We coordinated our purchase of the ingredients as the initial outlay is a little more than normal and set to work on Monday night. I wasn't entirely confident that they would be a success if our previous sweet making attempts were anything to go by they have been a bit mixed... rabbit shaped peppermint creams worked a treat, the rose and orange water flavoured Turkish Delight was fine if a tad on the slighty soggy side but ewww to the parsnip fudge! I am pleased to report that the marshmallows are a roaring success. They taste gorgeous and before my lot demolished their share, I took a photo to prove it. Definitely one to try again most tempted to try more sweetie recipes. I shall have a ponder as to what catches my eye and report back in due course!



  1. Bring some when we go and look at body parts! Pass on the parsnip fudge though! x

  2. Hi LG- if you send me your email addy in a comment [I won't publish it] we can see if we can get a date sorted...yes and I promise not to bring any parsnip fudge.


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