Friday 19 December 2014

Upon Matters Of Navel Gazing!

You may just have noticed ahem the odd Pagan reference creeping in on this blog from time to time. I'm a Druid- I make no secret of the fact but neither do I bang on about it. I tell people if they ask me but I respect other people's choices [so long as they don't preach and/or harm others in the process] and beliefs. For me my choice feels right..that's the only way I can describe it. I didn't set out to be a Druid I just am. It was never a conscious decision...I saw a programme on TV in 1999 about another Druid and realised that what he was describing was me to a tee. However, I wasn't exactly thrilled either...I railed against it for 5 years and explored all sorts of other spiritual paths but kept coming back to the same conclusion. In the end I just accepted it albeit rather grudgingly. I think my fear was how others would react. These days I don't give a fiddler's flute thankfully! Now I celebrate with my two closest friends quietly and away public view as I will tomorrow for Yule. Mr GBT nor the small person share my views but accept it as part of who I am.

On my path I remain solidly rooted in the everyday world. I am far too level headed with too much common sense for my own good sometimes. Since making huge steps towards recovery though I have rediscovered my very own sense of silliness [I am easily amused and pleased] and zest for life. When I first set out on my path I was very much influenced by those around me....I read loads of books, wore what I deemed to be the right style of clothes and sometimes struggled with what I thought I "ought" to be doing against what my heart told me. These days I am happy in my own skin. I rarely read spiritual tomes and dress in my own style nor do I meditate. As a sufferer from anxiety, a natural busy person and unable to not fidget it caused me more stress than it took away....I do admire those that can though. For me exercise I enjoy [like dancing, cleaning and walking] is right. As for day to day living I think my Druidry informs the choices I make and so long as I listen to and take heed of any warning bells [when I don't the consequences are all too apparent] I'm by and large doing what's right for me. It's all too easy to become entrenched in the dogma and lose perspective.

This hilarious video kind of sums up who I was trying to be in 2003 but never really was...that old inner Essex girl and child of the 70s was having none of it!

Enjoy a non Christmassy giggle with me in amongst all the festive madness!


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