Sunday 7 December 2014

Piggy Wiggy

My lovely SIL adores pigs and when this dear little video came up on my book of the face feed I couldn't resist sharing it to her wall.

M also collects pig related items and has many examples of porcine loveliness sprinkled throughout her home. On the occasion of a notable birthday she approached Mr GBT [her brother] and asked him if he would make a special commission for her from her husband. Under normal circumstances he wouldn't undertake this kind of request but obviously it's different for your sister and there was kindly no time constraints put in place due to his other orders for this business that he needed to fulfil. Over time he drew the design for the said item discussing possible tweaks and progress with his sibling at various points during the making. Having worked in miniature for the past decade it proved quite a challenge for him to have to work to a larger scale but in the end he successfully overcame all the hurdles and this was the end result.  Voila one pig box. She was delighted. However, it is definitely a one off!


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