Monday 30 March 2015


Hellooooooooooooooooo! Did you miss all my witterings?

I've spent the weekend being a grown up and ably "assisting" [fetching coffees when our flask was empty, minding the stall on rest breaks etc] Mr GBT at a dollshouse show at the NEC. It's a 4am start for us and then work both days before getting home last night at 7.30 which was a lot earlier than some previous occasions when we've staggered through the door at 10. Thank goodness for caffeine is all I can say!

The event itself was well attended and as ever we were surrounded by a lovely bunch of fellow makers who regaled us with show and non show tales [not divulging any here!].All the craftsmen and women spend huge swathes of time ensconced in their workshops working under their own steam. It's good to get together and catch up every few months at shows.

I am pleased to report that some jolly good sports were kind enough to place orders with us so Mr GBT's waiting list remains at 18 months. I particularly liked it when one lady showed us the photos of her house with her furniture from us in situ. As a collector myself it's always a treat to be able to nose at other people's houses. Normally I find something to add to my own house and this time was no exception. I blew the budget [already saved up] and invested in this beautiful handmade Victorian pram from Roberson miniatures. Colin makes the prams from scratch from sheet metal and Yvonne paints and upholsters them. The photos give you an idea but don't do them justice.

How lucky am I though!



  1. That's gorgeous. Have you ever posted any photos of your doll's house?

    I'm still trying to decide whether to keep mine or to sell it.

  2. Yes back here

    1. Your doll's house it absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pics.


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