Wednesday 25 March 2015

Downland Poddle Part One.

As many are aware by now I love living in Sussex being surrounded by the woods and the Downs. The more I explore the more I discover and the more I discover the more I find there is for me to explore. On Sunday we took a stroll out with a couple who have been very dear friends of ours for many years. Our children are now in their teens/early twenties so we are beginning to enjoy each others company sans enfants once more. It's always a pleasure to be in the company of H&C as they know a great deal about this area and furnish me with many snippets.

We started out with a quick trip to the church of St Mary's in Fittleworth. This is an interesting church because for a long time only the chancel and the tower stood with a gap betwixt the two where the nave originally stood. This was remedied in 1871 with a Victorian restoration jobbie. The church itself is attractive but doesn't stand out particularly. H tells me though that it has a broach spire albeit a rather dumpier one than our local parish church. One thing that caught my eye though was this Coat of Arms for George III. Bleedin' funny looking lion face if you ask me....we did wonder if perhaps it might bear more than a passing resemblance to his Royal Highness!

The churchyard sports a rather fine 1000 year old yew tree and a tiddler that was planted to mark the millennium.

Taking our leave and heading forth we met with a couple of fine examples of roofs- the first is known as a cat slide roof and the second is a mansard. The construction of the latter allowed you to extend into the roof space giving you an extra floor.

As for these....well they always get a big tick in my book and three in one day. The weather vane goddess must have been looking kindly upon me unlike the goddess of fossils last week chortle!

More tomorrow chaps!


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