Tuesday 17 March 2015

The Indiscriminate Collector.

Much is being made of the "Marie Kondo" method of tidying up at the moment...of course being a contrary soul I am totally ignoring it but hey each to their own. I see lots of people very happy with the results of their efforts so good on 'em.

I am by nature a tidy person so tidying up and sorting gets done on a daily basis. I have places for things and don't let things sit around unless I know they need dealing with as leaving it in my eye line will annoy me so I sort it out pronto. However, I am a person who could easily take it too far left to my own devices and it's unfair to inflict this upon the others with whom I share our home. We have designated areas like the spare room cum office cum workshop that I clean but leave more cluttered. It's not on show so what the heck eh!

Decluttering is an ongoing process here at GBT. Even though I sort through paperwork and put the recycling out every day stuff still accumulates. I love receiving items but if it's not appropriate with the former owner's blessing I will rehome it quickly either to another friend, freecycle or the charity shop. I did this with a bag of clothes this week which weren't my style or didn't fit properly. In an attempt to slow down my brilliance at recluttering I've joined the "Not Buying It" challenge over on the Old Style board on MSE which has been my frugal home for a decade now.

At the beginning of the year I reviewed all the items I recycle. I go to a lot of effort to recycle as much as possible without incurring extra car journeys but am happy to go to different places when I'm in the right direction anyway to use specific amenities. My research turned up some interesting results...new items had been added in since I'd last looked and yesterday I was really excited [I am easily pleased] that our kerbside collection is now taking yogurt and margarine pots. Being me I have taken great pleasure in sadly having designated bags/containers for all my different recycling so that it can be kept organised and neat [told you I was a weird one!]. I loathe people dropping litter but in reality I'm not a brave enough soul to tackle those I see do it...I just tut under my breath which is not exactly helpful. In a bid to keep my little area clean though I've just joined our local scheme where you become a volunteer litter picker for our road. I know some will say that it should be covered by our taxes but I'd rather just roll up my sleeves and get on with it.

Anyhow for those of you turning up all sorts of whacky treasures I rather liked this artwork seen recently- the artist gave me permission to photograph his work.


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