Tuesday 3 March 2015


Hello there....Mr GBT and I broke the shackles and have been away for a few unfettered days of jollification in Kent. I am rather partial to this post scheduling business....it all went very swimmingly until I got home and realised that Monday's post got published on Sunday so didn't make a whole heap of sense as it referred to the Monday blues...doh! No problem though as I've now ripped it down and stuck it back up with sellotape so that now it's showing for the right date!

Budge up...I apologise for the saggy settee but there's room for a few more derrieres to perch...welcome to the kind folks that have joined my blog as followers over the last few weeks. It's kind of you to be brave enough to raise your head above the parapet and publically admit that you read all my dotty ramblings. I've filled the biscuit barrel [lemon puffs...yes I know dreadful artificial things but I love 'em....those of us who survived a 1970s childhood have the constitution of an ox!] and the kettle is whistling ready to fill the pot with a brew.

Anyhow time is marching on...there are photos to be sorted and tales to be told over the next few days so must press on if I am to get it all into some semblance of order and write up a few postlets. Please forgive me for this complete cheat whilst I get my act together.

Firstly the original lyrics to Sweet Dreams by the Eurhythmics

And this fromage version spotted recently in Brighton which amused me greatly.


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