Sunday 8 March 2015

Slugs and Snails and Puppydog Tails.

Once upon a time there lived a dirty little monster at Gnat Bottomed Towers. If he had shorts on he had muddy knees and if he had trousers they were either grass stained or had a rip in them. Pockets were always stuffed full of bits of screwed up paper, fircones, stones and other treasures and in all likelihood he would be armed with a stick or several. I would say his primary aim in life was to grub about and this he did with great frequency and relish. If he needed to look clean and smart you need to change him just before he got in the car and not allow him to eat or drink en route...he was the most incredible dirt magnet.....I know because I was the Mother that had to hose him down after a hard day of muddy shenanigans!

Now of course he's all grown up and we share our home with a very clean being who single handedly keeps Lynx [or Stynx as we prefer to call it] in business. It seems that grubby little boys are nothing new though if this sign seen in Hythe is anything to go by!



  1. Hello Aril
    Hythe, one of my favourite places - visited often over the years, but it was only last year that I too spied this sign :o) It made me smile!
    Very best wishes
    Rose H

  2. Hello Rose....the sign is a real historical treasure isn't it. Good to see you again!


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