Thursday 11 February 2016


Hello chums...I am back from my brief sojourn and a good time has been had by one and all. GBT has survived intact having been left in the capable hands of the teenogre and mog in our absence. There are lots of photos to be sorted and tales to be told over the next few days but I shall just leave you with a touch of silliness whilst I get back into my blogging stride.

The two original versions of the song "Hello" and a variation on a theme for both for good measure.

Mr Lionel Richie

Adele followed by a highly amusing parody. As one who has finally admitted that no matter how I sell it to myself I still detest running and have now sworn off it permanently [life is too short for me to spend my free time doing stuff I loathe....always have been and always will be a walker and on a practical level am definitely not liking the niggly ankle running gives me] I can really relate to this one!



  1. Welcome back. There's this one too! x

  2. I loved the Adele Parody-and they both can really sing! Oh how I can relate to their words, unfortunately. Bagel bites be gone!


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