Saturday 13 February 2016

Still Catching Up With Myself

Yesterday I could have technically done some "paid" work, but I decided that it would have been a shame to end my few days away on that note so instead I spent the day making GBT shipshape and Bristol fashion once again. I'm out to one of my green group meetings this morning so instead of me wittering I shall leave you with this link a friend has just shared to FB. It may not be for all of us but I do admire those that are able to turn their back on convention and live their lives as they truly want. People of all sorts intrigue me and I love nothing better than being able to sit quietly and observe others in a public space or as with this couple learn a little about their lives.



  1. Great link. I need some inspirational stuff like that at the moment. xx

  2. A fine set of independent looking folk.


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