Thursday 4 February 2016


Our local museum is currently holding another of its excellent free exhibitions. This one is called "Curiosity" which of course set the old nosey bone a-twitchin' The items all belong to the one collector and are gloriously eccentric in range...anything from a stuffed squirrel to a yellow glazed earthenware cauldron from the Tang dynasty. These were my personal favourites- many simply because they made me smile.

This one has a bit of the old Jagger lips thing going on...however, I should be grown up and tell you that it is actually a Zapotec vessel with a mask c200-400AD

Mr GBT lowered the tone immediately by stating that this one put him in mind of Madonna. I cannot for the life of me see why!! This and the next shot are fertility figures from the Indus Valley and date from 3000-2000 BC.

I have an absolute thing about beautiful painted glass [adore Tiffany etc] and this ticked all the boxes. It's a vessel for yogurt based drinks and comes from Northern Afghanistan. Obviously old but the exact date is unknown.

One of Henry VIII's tomes but interestingly not noted down in any of the catalogues of his library collections. Dated 1522 it has his crest blind imprinted on the back.

Last but not least a rather splendid Russian drinking cup...I'd be happy to sup my ale from that.



  1. Both sets of boobies made me giggle. I am childish. They are madly anatomically incorrect. Or are they? Love the drinking cup. It's lush! x

    1. I think they match some of the pneumatically enhanced ones we have these days perfectly!

  2. You find interesting exhibits. I would slurp my drink down mt chin trying to use that cup .

  3. The second 'madonna' instantly made me think of those little green aliens in toy story!

  4. Whoever the collector was, he had wonderful taste.

  5. It was a crackingly good exhibition.


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