Friday 12 February 2016


Fashionably late to the party on the Lenten theme, but saw this relevant little gem when I was off a-wanderin'

This is an Italian Lent doll. She would have been fitted with an orange jammed with 40 feathers. One was removed each day during Lent and then she would have been burnt [apart from in Sorrento] at Easter for good luck. They are very popular in Southern Italy.

As for moi...well as you might imagine I follow much the same line that I take at New Year's Resolution time.....

Kudos to those that do. I have given up alcohol on a couple of occasions many moons glass of vino made me quite squiffy after my period of abstinence!



  1. Feeling quite lost this year to the start of lent. Forgot about Fat Tuesday. My afternoon schedule didn't work for 4:00 church, and I admit, I had girls night and missed 7:00. Now, Easter will be here before I know it. I do not give anything up-wasn't how I grew up as that was a Catholic thing, but I do try to be a little more reflective.

  2. It's a powerful time to take stock and reflect isn't it Samxx


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