Monday 1 February 2016

My Kind Of Company

The last day of January and the weather was not tempting me over the threshold at GBT but needs must. We are planning to prise open the GBT purse and spend a bit on improving our postage stamp sized back garden. The first stage in any process such as this for me is information gathering and with all the local housebuilding going on there is now a path which means we can walk from ours to the local nursery. Needing exercise we decided to kill two birds with one stone and pay a visit. Mighty glad I am too for I wouldn't have seen these otherwise.

These are the work of sculpture Aaron Jackson and are all made from recycled or naturally sustainable materials. More about his company can be found here I love what he makes and the ethos of his business model. Hope you enjoy this much welcome hit of colour as we enter February.


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