Sunday 14 February 2016

Three Little Words

Seeing as it's Valentine's and seeing as it's me it won't be the three you're expecting then. Instead these are my words of choice:

Make Today Beautiful

Very simple yet effective. A little mantra just to remind me when I'm being a grumpy old bat.

As for affairs of the heart mine is made of stone when it comes to all things Valentine related. The teenogre has been making me smile as he regaled me with tales of the 4 males and 1 female who whizzed into his workplace last night between 7 and closing time at 8pm to grab the last type of card they still had on sale "Happy Valentine's Sexy Bum!" Put to the test I would probably fall more into the Vinegar Valentines camp

However, do not fear for I am not entirely without a small romantic streak- both my chaps were lucky enough to receive a bar of chocolate from my stash I bought of the luxury stuff after Chrimble for 38p a go. I even let them choose the flavour they wanted...if that's not kind and magnanimous of me I don't know what it! Seriously though today is going to be a more of a heart-in-the-mouth type day as the teenogre is doing his first ever bungee jump- that was what he wanted for Christmas. Mr GBT is nobly going along to record the momentous event. I meanwhile am staying firmly put as I'm terrified of heights..he certainly doesn't get his daredevil genes from me!



  1. I'm not sure we will do much after the stupid argument hubs and I had. Never start my day with political crap that can't back with a credible news source-puts me over the edge.

  2. Hope your day got better Samxx

  3. No - bungee jumping is not for me either! But I like the sound of make today beautiful x


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