Thursday 4 August 2016

Gender Difference.

I met up with my chum H earlier this week and over a cuppa and a bun, we reminisced about what our now strapping teenage sons used to be like when they were toddlers. To preserve our sanity we regularly met up at a local petting zoo - both our charges restrained by reins like marionette puppets. This saved many a fall as we would haul them back just before they could tumble head first into the nearest puddle. At the time they were muddy little mischief makers and they remain on good terms to this day.  At one point we briefly touched upon some of the verbal corkers they came out with and this has put me in mind of a story an ex work colleague told me about her little one donkeys years ago.

At the time this lady and her then very young son were sitting on the beach when he spotted a little girl without a stitch on. With his chest puffed out he correctly identified the child as being female and out of curiosity she asked him how he knew....."because her bottom goes all the way round" he informed her. Makes perfect sense when you think about it and it still makes me smile. I love the unjaded way little people perceive and describe the world around them.


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