Sunday 7 August 2016

Greenman's Neck

Nowt to do with not washing or anything else of a slightly unsavoury ilk....just the physical pain in the neck you get from standing with your head tipped back over an extended period trying to spot various hidden treasures. This description wasn't mine, but uttered by a lady who I met up with at Tewkesbury Abbey who's involved with the Strange Things Found in Churches FB Group. It was too good not to half inch!

Explanations and sore muscles aside all my squinting upwards was not in goes one greenman holiday report.....

Tewkesbury lovelies....some look anything but happy I have to say!

A couple of finely carved Norman examples from the Priory at Leominster.

The prize this year though goes to this 15th century example hiding away in the gloom in the parish church of Leintwardine. Had Mr GBT not had his long lens with him I would never have been able to see him as he just didn't stand out at all from all the other roof bosses up there. We had only popped in when passing as it was just down the road from our self catering cottage. His understated rustic charm won me over completely and I have yet to see any other photos of him online. You never know this might be a first!



  1. Ooh! Strange things found in churches FB page. I might have to look into that one and give you a nod if I can't find it. When I was at university I found a guy in a church who I dated for a while. He was a bit odd! x


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