Friday 5 August 2016

Throwing Stones

Find me a flat stone and a stretch of water and I am going to be unable to resist the temptation of trying my hand at a spot of skimming.

Apparently the optimum angle between the stone and the water should be 20 degrees to give yourself the best chance of successfully sending the stone bouncing across the surface, but changes in speed and rotation don't affect the outcome [thanks Wikipedia for that info].

The current world record holder for the most number of skims or skips is 88 and has been held by an American called Kurt Steiner [knowing that stein in German means stone I can't help thinking he has a wonderfully appropriate surname] since 2013.

If you think that your skimming skills are up to the challenge then the next World Skimming Championships is being held on 25th September on Easdale Island near Oban. Here though it is distance rather than the number of skims that's measured. As with everything important in life size always matters!!


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