Friday 13 October 2017

Well Heeled

At Guiding J's suggestion, we met earlier this week at our local museum for a nose around the latest free exhibition....right from the outset there was a certain novelty factor to our get together as she rolled up with a rather plump cuddly owl under her arm. Sheepishly she explained that as a Guider, it's her turn this week to take this owl with her and she has to take photos of what she's been up to...I noted that she did not opt for a photo in the pub afterwards mwhahah!

Shoes, or more precisely, the shoes designed by Dan Sullivan and sold through his company Irregular Choice. Now shoes are just not my thing really. I buy them [virtually all charity shop these days] when I need them,but these ones held my attention. They've been virtually catapulted into pieces of art.  I found them endlessly fascinating and took masses of photos. Definitely not all to my taste and I preferred the ones which were not part of the Disney collaboration, but certainly if you bought a pair you would stand out from the crowd. More info about the range and shops from here

The whole display was a joy for the old eyeballs on an overcast and drizzly day.



  1. How odd and delightful in one go :) I am not a 'shoe' person, preferring walking boots and flats, however I can appreciate these as an art form. But can you imagine wearing them?!?

  2. Now what would hubby say if air turned out in a pair of those?! x

    1. I think it would be true to say Mr GBT would be rather startled!


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