Thursday 26 October 2017

Mother's Ruin

I lay the blame at the door of certain friends [yes Lovely Grey you're one of the culpritsšŸ˜†] for my head being turned and me being led astray into a spot of alcoholic experimentation. Various souls around me have been making flavoured gins...I've heard mention of rhubarb from at least three, E has done grapefruit and then raspberry was thrown in the mix....before you can say jack robinson, there I was on mysupermarket checking gin prices. Aldi was the cheapest and if, on a day of dance down in Lewes a fortnight ago, we found ourselves parked opposite [cheapest all day parking in the town] then who am I to ignore a sign of providencešŸ˜ Currently with a bumper batch of raspberries in the freezer still [despite jam and wine making and a bag donated to my courgette glut eating neighbour] we still have loads to use. As you can see from the photos below I got my rump into gear on Sunday and got busy.......

I think I might need to road test it before the year's end. This is the recipe I'm using



  1. Replies
    1. That sounds like a good one to try. I've only ever make blackberry whisky.

  2. Looks very pretty, they are having a gin tasting evening in the village next to us, £25 a head, which seems expensive. Don't like gin, and always thought it would be the same whatever bottle you drunk it out of.

    1. I didn't like gin for years, but I have gradually come to like it. I shall be interested to see whether the gin flavour comes through strongly or not.


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